How Does It Work


Download the Find Officer App

Open the Find Officer App on your Mobile Device..


Enter Officer/Employee ID #

To Verify, Enter Officer/Employee ID#..



To Commend Click Applaud. To File A Complaint Click Complain. .


Enter Your Information(Optional)

Enter Your Information - Name, Phone #, Email (Optional).


Select Location

Select The County Where The Applaud/Complaint Is Been Filed..


Add Message/Attach Evidences

Type Applaud/Complaint And Attached Evidence ( Video, Picture) If Available. And Click Send!.

About Find Officer

Find Officer© is a cloud-based service that can verify an employee/officer’s identity by entering the employee/officer’s ID/badge number in an application (mobile/desktop). You can also verify the employee/officer’s identity by texting the employee/officer’s ID/badge number to a short code.*** You can file a complaint or commend an officer right from within the app. You can add picture or video to your complaint/commendation. All complaints/commendations filed are automatically routed to the appropriate departments. The service can be accessed using any Internet b.....

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